1303, 2020

Adding Authorized Users to Your Credit Cards

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Adding authorized users to your credit card can be a great way to help someone else build or rebuild their credit. Adding Authorized Users: How Do You Do It? Depending on your credit card issuer, it may not cost anything to add an authorized user to your credit card account. But watch out - you could incur an additional annual fee when adding an authorized user. [...]

1203, 2020

Personal Credit Cards

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Personal Credit Cards and Business Credit Cards are similar, but also vary in a number of important ways. Let's examine some of the important differences of personal credit cards vs. business credit cards. Personal Credit Cards and Credit Reporting  With a personal credit card, your credit card activity is generally reported monthly to the three major consumer credit bureaus - Equifax®, Experian® and Transunion®. Each of [...]

1103, 2020

Franchise Acquisition Loans

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If you have started looking for a Franchise Acquisition Loans, you have already made the decision to acquire your first franchise. If you’re thinking about investing in a franchise and franchise acquisition loans, you will want to consider: Your Financial Situation and Franchise Acquisition Loan Buying into a franchise is a major investment. How much do you have to safely invest? Can you afford to lose your [...]

1003, 2020

Business Credit Cards

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Business credit cards are often the first step to building business credit for many small business owners. Business credit cards can help you handle cash flow fluctuations, providing alternative ways to pay money you owe and utilize your cash for other priorities. You will, of course, need to manage your cards carefully so you aren’t simply pushing today’s problems off until tomorrow. How do you get [...]

903, 2020

Business Tax Returns to Build Your Business Credit

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Preparing and filing your business tax returns is an important step for any business. But your business tax returns are also vitally important in building business credit. Although the Federal government has many forms and schedules you will need to complete over the course of a year, there are three key documents, depending on how your business is structured. Schedule C Form 1065 Form 1120 Business [...]

603, 2020

Understanding Your Personal Credit Score

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We live in an age where it is very important to understand your personal credit score. Your credit score can determine where you live, where you work, your insurance premiums, loans, credit cards, mortgages and bank accounts. This three digit number literally can change your life depending on how high or low it is. With so much on the line, why settle for anything else than [...]

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